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SNSD Free-For-All

BEG, bitches

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SNSD_Free-For-All is a community for fans who wish to share and review news, information and media clips of SNSD (Girls' Generation) and other groups and aspects of K-pop/A-pop. Please respect each other and the artiste(s) in your conversation.

snsd_metacrack is the sibling community to SNSD_Free-For-All. If you're interested in (even) longer discussions which cross-reference other K-pop bands (particularly idol groups), the K-pop industry, other genres of music, performance, media and fandom-related issues, we encourage you to visit us there!

Warning: This comm may contain swearing, the occasional risqué joke, and an enthusiastic acceptance of slash-pairings. If you’re younger than F(x)’s Krystal (b. 1994), you might want to re-think your presence here.

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