February 18th, 2012

Kiba - nap

AKP op-ed, re: Michelle Lee

I'm not sure when AKP started having op-eds, but if this one about Michelle Lee on K-pop Star is their first one, I don't think it's a great way to start. Ultimately, because of the tone, presentation and the way deeper issues are simply glossed over, I think the article instead serves to promote this way of thinking instead of actively questioning or engaging it. Sure, there were some legitimate points, but on a site like AKP, on an issue like race, I'd haveask expected somethinga a little more professional. To me, it reads more like a personal blog entry than an op-ed. Actually, I think the CD/song reviews on AKP read more professionally.

Ranting aside, thoughts on the author's arguments on why they think the Lee will not win? Does anyone know if there were similar stories on other vocal competitions? (i.e. looks vs talent - though, that's always going to be an issue...)

Actually, it makes me wonder what would happen if a group was made like this, on a reality show but the viewers choose who stays or goes. What kind of group would that look like?