arbitrary_greay (arbitrary_greay) wrote in snsd_ffa,

Tsugitsugi ZokuZoku Deconstruction

I compare this song's very Western EDM stylings to previous H!P EDM takes (which were more overtly Jpop), particularly the delightfully weirdass KimiSae.

Relevant to our recent discussions as to the difference between the markets in composition.

H!P is currently in quite an interesting place, as Tsunku finally stepped down from producing nearly everything but anisongs for the conglomerate. So there are up-and-comer composers, such as Hoshibe Shou, and even some European songwriters, introducing new melody ideas into the mix. Kobushi Factory's most recent single had one song by Hyadain and one song with DANCE*MAN, for pete's sake. (Yeah, it's a pretty fucking amazing single.)
Tags: *japan, *meta, *music, *mv, *video, group: morning musume

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