arbitrary_greay (arbitrary_greay) wrote in snsd_ffa,

I know this was released in 2014, but their new song is a ballad so whatever, and this is like some BEG level shit, but also with brilliant choreography/camerawork synergy. What with Mr. Mr. and EXO's Call Me Baby, I approve of this movement towards more of this. Yeah, force those music shows to not have the Worst camerawork ever.

The music production's pretty sweet, too. Just the right push-and-pull on the base percussion and synths hinting at jazz organ, and then opening up the song to sparkly muted brass, or background shamisen playing response to the vocals' call. Jazz shamisen solo in a soul song, lawdy. Who woulda thunk it?

And everything is kept just that bit restrained, so that nothing trips into kitsch, as the vocals are bubbly enough by themselves. The arrangement is used to turn this into more than genre pastiche, but to have their own personality, to stand on their own legs.
Tags: *music, *mv, *review, *video, group: red velvet
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