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Jpop idol income estimates 2015

The latest in objective idol value, usually based on tax records, but also sometimes out of fucking nowhere.

I started with this tumblr post. "JAGOB FANSUB" is a facebook page, and posted that image, no source. Further search of the topic turned up this topic, which contains some useful hearsay as to the wages in the early days before they hit it big. More importantly, it also turned up the source images, photos of a Japanese magazine.
Finally, image searching those photos turns up what seems to be the final online source, a Japanese Nogizaka46 message board:
Google translates gives me this: "The magazine I was EX somehow browse at a convenience store today estimated annual income of AKB Toka Nogizaka men had appeared. Even Na-chan 17 million." So, most likely, the photos came from EX magazine.

Previous post on the topic:

Anyways, here's the full translated ranking, with their value in American dollars.
As before, if they participated in the 48G 2015 Sousenkyo, I included their ranking. (DNP) indicates that they chose not to participate.
1. Sashihara Rino, HKT48 (1), $382,500
2. Kojima Haruna, AKB48 (DNP), $340,000
3. Takahashi Minami, AKB48 (4), $323,000
4. Watanabe Mayu, AKB48 (3), $255,000
5. Kashiwagi Yuki, AKB48 (2), $238,000
6. Matsui Rena, SKE48 (DNP), $212,500
7. Shimazaki Haruka, AKB48 (9), $204,000
8. Momota Kanako, Momoiro Clover Z, $195,500
9. Hashimoto Kanna, Rev. from DVL, $187,000
10. Tsugunaga Momoko, Country Girls, $170,000
11. Matsui Jurina, SKE48 (5), $161,500
11. Yamamoto Sayaka, NMB48 (6), $161,500
13. Tamai Shiori, Momoiro Clover Z, $153,000
13. Sasaki Ayaka, Momoiro Clover Z, $153,000
13. Miyawaki Sakura, HKT48 (7), $153,000
13. Ariyasu Momoka, Momoiro Clover Z, $153,000
13. Watanabe Miyuki, NMB48 (12), $153,000
13. Takagi Reni, Momoiro Clover Z, $153,000
13. Yokoyama Yui, AKB48 (10), $153,000
20. Nishino Nanase, Nogizaka46, $144,500
20. Sayashi Riho, Morning Musume, $144,500
20. Fukumura Mizuki, Morning Musume, $144,500
23. Minegishi Minami, AKB48 (19), $127,500
23. Shiraishi Mai, Nogizaka46, $127,500
23. Yajima Maimi, C-ute, $127,500
26. Akimoto Manatsu, Nogizaka46, $119,000
27. Kudo Haruka, Morning Musume, $110,500
28. Kawashima Umika, 9nine, $102,000
28. Hashimoto Nanami, Nogizaka46, $102,000
28. Ikuta Erika, Nogizaka46, $102,000
31. Takasaki Shoko, CAMOUFLAGE, $76,500
31. Takayama Kazumi, Nogizaka46, $76,500
31. Matsumura Sayuri, Nogizaka46, $76,500
31. Suzuki Airi, C-ute, $76,500
35. Okawa Ai, Idoling!!!, $68,000
35. Wada Ayaka, S/mileage, $68,000
35. Uchida Mayumi, AKB48 (DNP), $68,000
35. Miyazawa Sae, SKE48 (8), $68,000
35. Mogami Moga, Dempagumi .inc, $68,000
35. Suda Akari, SKE48 (18), $68,000
41. Sakurai Reika, Nogizaka46, $59,500
41. Wakatsuki Yumi, Nogizaka46, $59,500
43. Takayanagi Akane, SKE48 (14), $51,000
43. Eto Misa, Nogizaka46, $51,000
45. Miyake Hitomi, Idoling!!!, $42,500
45. Ikoma Rina, Nogizaka46, $42,500
45. Saito Asuka, Nogizaka46, $42,500
45. Kitahara Rie, NGT48 (11), $42,500
45. Yoshimoto Miyu, X21, $42,500
45. Matsumura Kaori, SKE48 (13), $42,500

As you can see, the values are a hell of a lot lower than last year's estimates, by about half. Considering the complaints from the list members last year, this year's list values do seem a little closer to reality.
This also means that my income places around lower mid-table. Still pretty sure that Tokyo's cost of living is still miles worse than mine, so that bottom half probably aren't living as well as I am.

There are less dark horses this year. Yoshimoto Miyu from X21 returns, so she must have a good variety hosting gig, or a modelling gig like Dempagumi's Moga. Meanwhile, the only group I don't recognize at all is CAMOUFLAGE.

Notably, Nogizaka46 stormed the rankings. Last year, only Ikoma Rina ranked in, and this year, they have a whopping 12 top earners, (24% of the list!) and Ikoma is towards the bottom. Nogizaka46 represent 15.57% of the money on this list.
While 48G have 19 entries altogether, (38% of the list) if separated, Nogizaka46 does have the most number of people on the list, with AKB at second with 8 (16%) and SKE at third with 6. (12%) 3 of the AKB didn't participate in Sousenkyou this year, while the lowest Sousenkyou rank is Minegishi, at 19th election rank, but 24th earner, and earning ahead of 5 of her 48G list-mates.
The big headscratcher name is Uchida Mayumi. Did she pick up some big variety gig last year?

Hello!Project managed 7 entries, (14%) 3 of them going to Morning Musume. But the highest earner is variety veteran former Berryz Momoko, at 11th place!
For group participation, we have Momoiro Clover, who place 100% members. Momoclo represent 12.53% of this list's money. But 4 of the members all tied in earnings, with only Kanako doing better. (She has a TV talk show gig, if I recall correctly)

Sasshi is earning 5.93% of all of the money on this list. Kaotan is earning 0.66%.
Average earning is $128,860, but the standard deviation is $79,001, so that's a 61% coefficient of variance.
The top ten earners are earning 38.92% of the list's money.
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